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British Mantrailing Academy



These workshops are one or two days long and aimed at students who like to offer their dogs some meaningful activity after they completed induction workshop. We tailor our training to the dog and handler team in front of us and taking their skill level fully in consideration. Workshops organised by third party outside of Essex price on request.

Entry Level: NO previous experience other than the introduction workshop.
Duration: 1 or 2 Days
Costs: Price upon request
Ratio: 6 students to 1 Instructor


These sessions are designed for the pet owner who like to try something new exciting with their dog. Entry level no previous experience. The owners could continue after the introduction attending the workshops, if the dog likes the activity and maybe even able to enrol into the Trailing Dog Handler Course.

1-2-1 Trailing Training
These sessions are designed to dog owners who like to try something new exciting with their dog or already trailing and like to benefit from in depth training with their dogs to work on problems and enhance their knowledge. No previous experience and the sessions also can be used to complete the initial assessment to enable the team to enrol into the Trailing Dog Handler Course.

Trailing Dog Handler Course


This Course is aimed at students who passed the induction course or can evidence recognised prior learning and considering a career as a Trailing Handler for SAR. Venues will be selected to make sure the dogs are able to get a good imprinting program.

Module 1
• Dog Handler Core Skills
• Imprinting the dog to trailing
Duration: 3 days

Module 2
• Reward System
• scent articles
• Turns and Distance to the trail
Duration: 3 days

Module 3
• Scent Forms
• Unseen Starts
Duration 2 Days

Module 4
• Scent Discrimination
• Split Trail
Duration: 2 days

Module 5
• Aged Trail
• Car Pick Up
Duration: 2 days

Module 6
• Single Blind
• Double Blind
Duration: 2 Days

Costs: for all 6 modules - Price upon request
Ratio: 6 students to 1 Instructor

The student is offered to be assessed on theory and practical knowledge. The pass of the assessment might promote the handlers application for a volunteer position as a Trailing Dog Handler with their local SAR team.

Assessment Fee: Price upon request
Administration Fee: Price upon request
Course Materials: Price upon request
Registration Fee as a Learner with Skills for Justice: Price upon request


British Mantrailing Academy

Off Site Seminars


These Seminars are basic knowledge or tailored to the group’s needs.

Duration: TBC
Costs: £ TBC
Ratio: 6 students to 1 Instructor


Intensive Trailing Dog handler Course


Aimed at K9 professionals from law enforcement, military, SAR and Security

Module 1 -6
Duration 30 Days
Can be split into 2-3 units
Ratio: 6 students to 1 Instructor
Costs : price on request

Sport Trailer Certification


These certification has been designed for dog handlers who are trailing with their dog for Sport purposes and like to measure their training achievements




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The British Mantrailing Academy has been providing professional training for all kind of breeds in trailing, trailing certifications and consulting services since 2011. We are located in Essex and specialise in training Search and Rescue Volunteers and their K9’s, but we are also dedicated to interested people in the induction to Mantrailing.

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